Mobilized UAV Aerial Assets for Search and Rescue

Quick Reaction Force Search and Rescue


Manitoba UAV Aerial Search & Rescue Assets


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QRF SAR was founded in 2017 upon the realization that there is a dearth of easily accessible aerial assets for Search & Rescue purposes in the Canadian Prairies.  The RCMP is currently utilizing UAV assets on a minimal basis, as they have a limited number of pilots, systems and resources.

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QRF SAR provides an additional set of resources.  We are tied in to the M3 Aerial Network of UAV operators across Canada.  In 2017, we have access to over 100 active UAV pilots in Manitoba alone.  Many of these operators have full-time jobs and operate aerial imaging businesses on the side, however, this is still a resource that can be pulled upon in cases of emergency!  

The Quick Reaction Force can be polled on short timelines to pull together a team of aerial assets for Search & Rescue operations in rural and remote situations.

We are currently in the assembly stages of development, however, we are looking to build partnerships across the province.

Calling All UAV Pilots

If you are an SFOC holding (or at least UAV Ground School certified) drone pilot, we would like you to join our network!



Local: (204)800-0220
Toll Free: 1-866-814-4855